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  • The Voice of the Sea

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    South African environmentalist and first black female free diver, Zandi the Mermaid and Polo Purpose are collaborating on a campaign for World Oceans Day to raise awareness around plastic waste in our oceans.

  • Cutting The Line

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    Cutting the Line follows husband and wife team, Naude and Katja Dreyer, and their three children as they embark on a mission to rescue seals entangled in plastic pollution along the Namibian coastline. As the seals grow bigger, the debris cuts deeper into their bodies, causing painful wounds tha...

  • The Erie Situation

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    In 2014, the citizens of Toledo, Ohio, had to go without running water for three days when a bloom of toxic algae entered the drinking water plant from Lake Erie. This should have been a wake-up call for politicians, big agriculture, and citizens everywhere that freshwater resources are at risk o...

  • Eating Up Easter

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    A modern dilemma of Rapanui people as they face the consequences of their rapidly developing home.

    Native Rapanui (Easter Island) filmmaker Sergio Mata’u Rapu narrates to his son the modern dilemma of their people who risk losing everything to the globalizing effects of tourism. The film follows...